Image Unloader (v0.1)

Summary: Image Unloader is a simple batch file for unloading images from a UMS digital camera to the “My Pictures” folder. It creates a folder of the current data, and all the images are unloaded in there. After they are copied, the images on the camera are removed.


  • Windows


@echo off

set cameradir=E:DCIM101MSDCF
set basedestdir=C:Documents and SettingsUSERPROFILEHEREMy DocumentsMy Pictures
set wazdate=%DATE%
set udate=%wazdate:~10,4%-%wazdate:~4,2%-%wazdate:~7,2%

mkdir "%basedestdir%%udate%"

echo Moving images from your camera to your hard drive....

copy /V "%cameradir%*.*" "%basedestdir%%udate%"

del /Q "%cameradir%*.*"


Warning: As of this version, this script could potentially cause image loss if the copy command fails to complete properly. If that happens, there are a few free recovery programs out there that will recover those photos, just as long as they have not been overwritten by something else.

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